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Why Should I Build an ADU?

Here are 10 amazing reasons to build and ADU on your property!

  1. Additional rental income: An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) can provide a source of additional rental income, either as a long-term rental or as a vacation rental.

  2. Increased property value: Adding an ADU to your property can increase its value, especially in areas where demand for housing is high.

  3. Aging in place: An ADU can provide a place for aging family members to live independently while still being close to the rest of the family.

  4. Multi-generational living: An ADU can provide a place for multiple generations of a family to live together, while still maintaining some privacy and independence.

  5. Extra space for guests: An ADU can provide extra space for overnight guests, such as friends or family members, without having to use a guest bedroom or pull out a sofa bed.

  6. Home office or studio space: An ADU can provide a dedicated space for a home office or studio, allowing you to work or create without being interrupted by household distractions.

  7. Additional storage: An ADU can provide extra storage space for items that don't fit in the main house, such as holiday decorations or sports equipment.

  8. Independent living for adult children: An ADU can provide a place for adult children to live independently while they save up for a house of their own.

  9. Income property: If you don't need the extra space for personal use, you can rent out the ADU as an income property.

  10. Improved sustainability: An ADU can provide an opportunity to use sustainable building materials and design features, such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting, which can reduce your carbon footprint and save you money on utilities.

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